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Arthur says; Ok, maybe Desmond is not a SciFiStar, but he is a SciStar. In my opinion he is one of the best "Explainers" of technology in the media today. Many people can understand technology, and some can talk about it, Desmond is one of the few people who can do both. So many "Reporters" and "Hosts" pretend to know about technology, but without a script they "Know" nothing. Desmond can explain technology, because he understands it better than most.
I have been a phone guest on Desmond's radio show on CNET Radio to talk about my jobs site, Arthur's Job Base. It is also neat to watch him do internet chat, and his radio show at the same time, without missing a beat.

Here is what CNET says about Desmond;
Desmond Crisis brings his lifelong passion for new technology and interesting gadgets to CNET Radio. A former host for CNET TV's Cool Tech and a demo maestro for CNET Central, Desmond's lightning-fast delivery, quick sense of humor, and youthful exuberance have made him a powerful personality at CNET.

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